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Sanctity of Human Life

Each January, churches across America set apart a day to focus on the sanctity of human life.  In a year punctuated by uncertainty and change, the sanctity of human life stands as a foundational principle that will not change.  Life is still precious and worth celebrating and protecting.  Please join us in recognizing Sanctity of Human Life, Sunday January 17th


Real options has put together tools that you might consider as you begin planning how your church will celebrate the immeasurable value and importance of every human life.



Video:  We have an exciting new 2 minute video which gives a clear picture of the work being done at our local pregnancy centers.  

To upload the video for your churches, use this link

Announcement Slide:   In lieu of our bulletin inserts, we have provided a digital announcement slide which you can use to make an announcement, whether your church is live or streaming. 

Speakers from Real Options are available to share a brief message with your congregation about the biblical basis of SOHL and/or the mission of Real Options Pregnancy Help Services in your community. 


A Baby bottle Benefit is an exciting way to get everyone in your church thinking, praying and participating in upholding the Sanctity of Human Life.  Talk to your pastor about getting your church to participate in the Baby Bottle Benefit and consider becoming a Liaison from your church - someone who would be willing to pick up baby bottles from Real Options, pass them out, and return the filled bottles to one of our centers.  This is a great way for everyone, even the children, to feel like they are doing something to make a difference. 

If your church is not meeting in person or you are uncomfortable with filling a bottle, just click on the baby bottle here to make a donation.

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We are thankful for whatever way you decide to participate in this ministry of LIFE.  We would not be able to do this work without you!