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Our Services & Programs

Supporting women and families facing unexpected pregnancies

Meeting Physical Needs

Real Options is able to meet the physical needs of birth parents each year through our parenting program, Earn While You Learn. They have an opportunity to gain much needed parenting education and they receive Mommy/Daddy Bucks to shop in our well stocked "stores" for diapers, baby clothing, car seats, and other baby needs.

Meeting Spiritual Needs

Often, Real Options volunteers have the privilege of sharing spiritual truths with their clients. We have many opportunities to share the practical love of God with men and women in difficult circumstances.

Post Abortion Healing

Mending Hearts is a ten-week recovery study based on Biblical principles.  In a compassionate and confidential setting, we help individuals explore spiritual and emotional issues that often accompany an abortion experience.  Mending Hearts is offered one-on-one or in a group setting with trained facilitators.


  • Pregnancy Tests

  • Limited Ultrasound

  • Options Counseling - we do not refer, recommend or provide abortions

  • Parenting Education for Women & Men

  • Adoption Referrals

  • Relationship Education

  • After Abortion Healing Program

  • Community Referrals

  • Baby Clothes, Diapers, Baby Equipment

  • Evangelism and Discipleship

Have a heart for helping families and a passion for life? Join our team!

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