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About Us


Real Options empowers individuals to make informed, life affirming decisions relating to pregnancy, sexual health, and relationships by sharing the practical love of Jesus.

Real Options reaches out with the practical love of Jesus by extending compassion and care to women and men who are facing difficult decisions surrounding an unplanned pregnancy. As we seek to preserve the lives of the unborn, we must first love the women whose choice is in the balance. By providing a safe place for her to receive options education and support, she is empowered to make a responsible, informed, and life affirming choice.

We are a faith-based 501-c3 non-profit in the state of New Hampshire. We exist to help women and families experiencing an unplanned pregnancy by providing factual, life-affirming information about all their options in a safe, loving, nonjudgmental environment.

All our services are free and confidential and are offered without regard to age, race, income, nationality, religious affiliation, disability, or other arbitrary circumstances. We offer free services to anyone facing an unexpected pregnancy or is in need of support after their decision. Learn more about our full list of services and how we serve our community.




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